The Secret of Charlotte Bronte the Secret of Charlotte Bronte: Followed by Some Reminiscences of the Real Monsieur and Madafollowed by Some Reminiscen

The Secret of Charlotte Bronte: Followed by Some Reminiscences of the Real Monsieur - Frederika Macdonald Just finished this in one sitting and if you are a lover of Charlotte Bronte and specifically 'Villette' you will love this! It's so interesting to read something from someone who experienced time in the same school that gave Charlotte her inspiration. I am so intrigued by the 'alleged' unrequited love between Charlotte and M. Heger. This book contains Charlotte's incredibly touching letters to M. Heger and it honestly gave me a whole different perspective for Charlotte. I've always been so enamored with Jane Eyre and am currently 3/4ths of the way through reading 'Villette' and am loving the character of Lucy Snowe. I've been on a 'Bronte Binge' and have been devouring any and all things Bronte. 'Wuthering Heights' has been my favorite book my whole life but I just recently started reading the work of the other sisters, convinced that nothing could top the story of Heathcliff and Catherine. I was urged by a my 'book buddy' to read Jane Eyre and have been in love with Charlotte's writing every since and Jane's story ever since. Not to begrudge the work of Anne and 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall' and 'Agnes Grey' which I also absolutely love. Upon digging online I stumbled upon this book by Frederika Macdonald and desperately wanted to learn more about the real Professor Emanuel and I belive Mr. Rochester. My hope is that in my lifetime they make a film of the story of the Bronte family that actually does them justice for creating stories that have stood the test of time and stayed current for over 160 years.